“Quest: Beyond the Stars” is a stunning one hour pledge special made in collaboration with NASA and the Science Museum in London and featuring images from the Hubble telescope and other archival sources from NASA.  These visually incredible images are used as a backdrop to classical pieces and songs inspired by the cosmos.  The show was recorded live in London on January of 2012, and the music is performed by Quest, a well-respected instrumental orchestra ensemble from Europe, and features special guests Isobel Cooper (platinum selling British Classical Cross -Over vocalist) and Scandinavian violinist and European recording artist Charlie Siem. Songs and pieces performed in the special include: Fly Me to the Moon, Rocket Man, Space Oddity, The theme from  “2001 Space Odyssey”, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and other original soundtrack material.


This is a production/presentation of International Media and IMAT Silver Apples in association with Palmer Productions, a holographic recording and projection company which is producing a national tour in the late winter of 2012 which will feature live artists, holographic guest stars and the stunning imagery from NASA, projected on stage screens.









Song List: 


Also Sprach Zarathustra

Richard Strauss


Fly Me To The Moon



Craig Leon


On The Beautiful Blue Danube

Johann Strauss II


Electric Planet



Pur Ti Miro

Claudio Monteverdi


Once In A Lifetime (From Talking Heads)


The Engulfed Cathedral

Claude Debussy


Rocket Man

Elton John


Passacaglia in C Minor BWV 582

Johann Sebastian Bach


Symphony in D Minor op. 125 “Ode to Joy”

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Laudate Pueri(Psalm 112)

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


Space Oddity 

David Bowie


Through The Black Hole


Requiem op. 5  “Tuba Mirum”

Hector Berlioz  







• Companion CD & DVD with bonus footage.

• Tour tickets in select markets (winter 2012)

• Tour will feature holographic guest stars, live artists 

and the stunning imagery from NASA, projected on multiple screens.



contact information:

Maya Fiallos

International Media

(954) 923.7215