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Coming to Public Television in 2012, The Fairytale deftly weaves folklore and music from around the world into a lush and eclectic symphonic journey.  A moving, musical love story, The Fairytale is the epic saga of an unusual couple who fall in love, lose each other, and are finally reunited in an altogether different world.



The Fairytale is available in a 60-minute core version, and a 90-minute pledge event version.


Song List:

I Wish // Land of Beauty // Far on the Run // Heaven to Hell // Crying // Don’t Give Up // Voila Con Me Guiding Star // Open Arms // Paradise Pub // One Last Time // Angel Eye // Stairway to Heaven // Once Upon a Time // Life // Gospel Medley  










Swedish performing arts stars Peter and Ulrika Malberg are the creative tour de force behind The Fairytale.  The Malmbergs are producers, composers, singers, 

dancers, and stage actors whose projects transport audiences to visually stunning, strongly emotional musical landscapes.


The Fairytale became real when Peter and Ulrika decided to write music together. Peter’s pop & rock background, and Ulrika’s Irish musical influences seamlessly blend into a beautiful new sound, dubbed ‘World New Age.’  





Peter Malmberg- producer, composer, artist


With the group Liverpool, Peter has performed at the legendary The Cavern in the UK. Peter has appeared in numerous Swedish TV programs such as the TV4 New Years Eve Gala, and the inauguration of Hockey WM in Globen, 1994, among others.  In 1997, Peter left for Gran Canaria, Spain, to work there both as an artist and music director for the renowned Garbo’s restaurant theater show.  He’s also a noted recording artist with lauded Swedish radio hits.


Ulrika Malmberg- producer, composer, artist, choreographer


Trained in classical music and dance, Ulrika’s career began in 1980 when she toured with her dance ensemble, 5th  Avenue.  She continued in musical theater, starring in West Side Story, The Wizard of Oz, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, and Les Miserables, among others.  Ulrika has also worked at the international show restaurant Garbo’s, on Gran Canaria, in Spain, in the lead role of Greta Garbo.


From Sweden to Spain, and Greece to Egypt, the Malmberg’s producing credits include: Fritidsresor, Safari and Superstars


The title song of The Fairytale, ‘Land of Beauty,’ was named “track of the month” in Italy by NEW AGE MAGAZINE.  





• Companion DVD and CD. 

• Concert Tickets in select US Markets



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