“Rock's heavenly choir... 

Scala's built a career on transforming rock radio hits into otherworldly choral pieces” 

-NPR Morning Edition


Shot in HD at the modern Concertgebouw Brugge Theater in the historic city of Brugge, Belguim, “Circle - Scala & The Kolacny Brothers” features imaginatively reworked covers of beloved hits from immortal artists such as Roberta Flack, Paul Simon, Dusty Springfield and The Mamas And The Papas, as well as truly mesmerizing original compositions. The Scala formula seems simple enough, yet the results are stunningly and unusually beautiful: The classically trained Kolacny brothers, Steven (piano) and Stijn (conductor), have turned a talented Belgian girls’ choir into an international phenomenon. Scala & Kolacny Brothers offer an unique combination of celestial vocal harmonies and the stark, contrasting chords of a single piano, with a line-up that ranges from 15 to 60 members during a live setting. 



The One-Hour Special guest-stars aclaimed 16 year-old soprano Faryl Smith (UK’s “Classical Artist Of The Year”, featured in BBC's "Britain's Got Talent") and Canadian tenor Mark Masri (special guest in David Foster's upcoming PBS special). Together, they offer rousing renditions of timeless favorites including Roberta Flack's "First Time", Dusty Springfield “How Can I Be Sure” and U2’s "With Or Without You". Now, Scala & Kolacny Brothers are ready to release their seraphic melodies via their North American CD and DVD debut, “Circle”, and first-ever Public Television Special, with extensive US tour dates lined-up for April 2011. “Everyone is ooohhh-aaahhing about Scala’s choral renditions”, afirms LA Weekly. And soon you’ll be doing exactly the same... 

“Brilliantly haunting!” 

-Entertainment Weekly






• Companion DVD and CD. 

• After an extensive 2011 Tour, a follow-up Public TV Tour is scheduled for June 2012

• Scala and Kolacny Brothers are also available for station visits.




• Featuring Special Guests Faryl Smith (winner of the BBC's "Britain's Got Talent") 

and Canadian tenor Mark Masri (guest in David Foster's upcoming PBS show). 

• Exposure in Billboard, NY Times, USA Today, LA Weekly and others. 

• Over 200 worldwide shows performed per year.

• Featured in “The Social Network” trailer, seen by over 150 milion viewers.







“A sweet songbird attack!” 

-LA Times



Featuring The Hits:

California Dreaming - Mamas And The Papas

With Or Without You - U2

First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Robert Flack

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Paul Simon

How Can I Be Sure - Dusty Springfeld

Every Breathe You Take - The Police




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